Monday, January 26, 2009

OK, OK.. a little late with the new year's resolution

Regular blogging is therapeutic, (I'm told). I resolved to blog "regularly" this year. Last year's "regularly" was like every 6 months. Let's see if I can improve on that. I also resolved to strenghten and make better our personal life and home just like normal people ( those who don't own their own business).

December was a big challenge. The coughing crud got a hold of me and hasn't let go quite yet. The two feet of snow we got didn't help matters much. Not that I don't long for snow every year, but this was ridiculous. Shoveling snow 100 feet just to get to the firewood in the shed is no fun. Even I was tempted when Hubby Darling suggested a state-of-the-art snow blower would be the best way to be prepared NEXT time. Cooler heads prevailed and we got tractored out of our little snowfort and spread salt to keep the melting snow from freezing on the driveway and falling on our cushioned spots.

Now I am concerned about how all the salt will affect all the lawns. The warmer weather recently has greened up the lawns considerably and so far they are showing no ill effects. The topiary shrubs (hereafter called poodles) in front of the house got shazammed by the snow sliding off the roof and into the poor poodles. They will never be the same. Lost a window box too. I think we will take all of the boxes out of commission for the near future.

I really need to get into the nursery and clean up the plants there. That's where we keep plants that I overbuy for jobs just in case I need them and can't get them later for warranty. I also keep my potted "wounded" plants that get replaced from jobs because they don't look so good. I somehow think that if given enough time they will "snap out of it" as Cher would say. Some do. Some dont.

I"ve noticed just a few weeds are starting to pop up here and there. I put the weed pre-emergent (preventer) down here at home today. We've been busy on weed patrol for our clients lately. With all the wet weather we've had this season, we will have a big weed crop this year. I usually wait until we have weeds i simply can't ignore before I get around to doing ours. I am actually being pro-active for us and not just my clients. Amazing. there might just be something to that resolution thing afterall.