Sunday, June 6, 2010

Cash for Grass not Dead Yet!

Just received an email from the Mojave Water Agency in which, they report the Daily Press article stating the Cash For Grass" program's death was a bit premature. In fact, the CFG's program is a resounding success in saving water and they are "re-working" it to be better this fall. So they are only going on hiatus, sort of like your favorite TV programs. 
If you need any more information contact

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Get ready for the bug invasion!

A doctor must diagnose the problem before he/she can prescribe a cure. Bug problems are no different.  You have to know what (or who) the problem is before you can select the proper control (if any) to use for that bug.

Pests of the West is a fabulous resource book for just that. I just discovered it and it has tremendous pictures of lots of common pests and suggested plan of attack to mitigate the problems.  I love the pictures! I have been trying of late to get better up close pictures so I can document the pest issues I come across on my yard and clients yards.

Most of the time, identifying the pest is the hardest task. Once that is done, you are all set to decide how and IF to apply controls.

Check out the section on Grubs.  They will be an issue for you with lovely pretty scarob-like beetles by next month if you havent applied some control by now.  Do it before it is too late and the beetles start flying.

Cash for Grass Program Ending Soon...

Well, the local paper announced that the Mojave Water Agency is suspending their "cash for grass" program at the end of the month due to massive budget cuts.

For the un-initiated, that's a program where they, through your local city's water department pay you a rebate if you remove your grass and replace it with a drought tolerant landscape and a drip irrigation system. You have til June 30 to qualify, so if you are considering it you'd better get right on the ball NOW.

You must be pre-approved for the program and the rebate is paid after the landscaping is done and a final inspection. They pay in most cities 50 cents per square foot. That's not enough to pay for the whole job, even if you do it yourself. However, it can amount to a nice add in to your budget for garden lovelies like pots and benches.