Thursday, January 28, 2010

Unwanted Stimulus Package!

Hey, Its soooo nice out. I'm enjoying the sun. It's been so wet lately. We had 5 inches of rain in just 5 days last week. I KNOW that all that rain is going to stimulate all the weed seeds lurking under the soil just waiting for the opportunity to pop up and ruin your weekends this spring. It'll be really nice and warm and all those weeds will be calling your name.

Get rid of them before they start. Put down a weed preventer, called pre-emergent. It works amazingly. We put down a lot of it this time of year for our clients. Some of our clients are smart and do it every year, sometimes twice a year before the weeds show up. Others, just wait it out hoping the weeds won't show and they won't have to spend the money. Dry years the gamblers sometimes win. Wet years, not so much.

I think Benjamin Franklin said "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." I think this applies here.

I just had breakfast with my Mom...

"How can that be?!" you ask, "your Mom passed away 9 years ago!" Well, I just re-lived a lovely breakfast with my Mom channeled through the most amazing sticky buns I have eaten in years!

My Mom was not a great cook. I remember lots of goulash, and samon patties with the little round bones in them. Succotash. Canned vegetables. Not much stellar food on a day-to day- basis. I mean, you gotta understand. She had 4 hungry kids. a husband with a big appetite and a limited budget. You go with bulk and economy. As an adult, I can understand this.

BUT, she did know how to bake and to make specialty items. Some of my fondest food memories come from my Mom who couldn't really cook that well. One of those was Sticky Buns. Light, delicate, airy cinnamon rolls covered in gooey carmel and pecans! Mmmm you could taste the buttery carmel since it stuck to your teeth. But you didnt want to brush your teeth and waste all that goodness.

I have found a clone of my Mom's sticky buns right here in River City, I'm telling you boys! A litte place in Hesperia called The Cinnamon Roll Lady. Its on Main Street (760) 792-8119 place your order and you too can have breakfast with my Mom.

I'd post a picture of the lovely edibles, but I ate it all. There is always tomorrow

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Post Script: Quality Questions

I'm thinking about yesterday. Can't get it off my mind. I think my Quality Question of the day is:" What do I have to do to get more days like yesterday afternoon?"

Whether you want more of money, loafing, stamp collecting, golfing or whatever, you need to ask yourself a quality question: What's the question I have to ask myself to get more of what I want?"

Surprise visit makes my day!

Well, the jobs down the hill didn't have too much of a mess from the storms to clean up. Everything went well and we came in on time. The weather was really nice yesterday until the afternoon when it became quite cloudy and grey.
The best part of the day came as a surprise when I returned home to find my son-in-law Shawn and my granddaughter Kennedy visiting! Shawn had come to get some computer advice from my husband who is a computer wizard and can do anything!
Kennedy patiently watched as I carefully parked the large truck and trailer. She seemed transfixed on it. I'm not sure if she was scared or not as the truck makes a lot of noise, for a little kid. After parking, she exploded into a run towards Grandma and Grandpa had to grab her so she didn't fall on the concrete. We had a lovely time feeding her (or trying to! she is sooo picky) and later looking at a book, her favorite thing. When we came to the page with all the vehicles on it, she broke into a smile and pointed at a picture and yelled "truck!" Oh, what fun she is!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Busy Day Ahead

Well, its 4:30 am and I am getting ready to leave for down the hill today. I and my crew are going to take advantage of the few days of sun drying things out a bit and do some gardening for some clients before another round of rain comes tonight. Hope it isnt too bad. Took several days off last week cause there was no earthly reason to go out in the storms. I super enjoy tidying up the landscape. My favorite task is pruning, though not with a chain saw. That's not my forte. I prefer the less noisy pruning tasks. Let you know how it went


"There are 3 things to a good life, learning, earning, and yearning" Christopher Morley

Sunday, January 24, 2010

This day is all you got.

My last post was wishing for snow and eventually we got a little with lots of rain. I kept meaning to post. The holidays came and went. I actually had time to watch a movie and take some personal time with some of my family at Christmas. The lively conversation, scrabble, tons of food, and laughter is imprinted in my brain forever. I imagine the others will remember bits and pieces.

You get to an age where you really wonder what your purpose in life is. Have I made a difference in anybody's life? Am I just here sucking up energy? What do I have to give back? Anthony Robbins says the quality of the questions you ask yourself determine the quality of your life. I am planning to make better use of the oxygen I breathe in making a difference to others.

I am reminded of this because of the sad blog post by a fellow blogger I follow. Her blog is here: Johlene has lost her grandma Mema. Johlene was blessed to be able to be with her Mema until the last. One can read her blogs and see the impact one human being has made on her whole family. I'll pray that the feelings of loss and sorrow will be overshadowed by the gifts of love Mema left for them.

Remember, you only have this day. What will you be remembered for?