Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Again with the Crazy Busy!

I'm not sure what time it is except late, late, late! I have so many things to do to get ready for the Home Show for this weekend. You can be sure that 1pm Friday is approaching fast. I hope to talk to you there. Come by and see me. Bring photos and measurements and I will be dispensing lots of advice ( if you want it).

Here is something to soothe if you are as frazzled as I am.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Free Ride is Over!

OK folks, your free ride from all the recent rains is over. You will have to start up the irrigation system now. The soil moisture is really depleted from the warmer temps we have had lately, and with no rain on the horizion, you better get crackin on tweaking up the sprinkler clock.

I would reccommend in our little High Desert Valley to be watering the planters and shrubs once to a couple of times a week for established plants and maybe a couple of times a week for the lawns.

Remember to check your drip emitters on your plants to see that they are working properly. Replace them if they are clogged or broken. Clean the Drip Y-Filter out. Just un-screw it, and wash it out and re-assemble snugly. Oh yeah, make sure you do this when the valve is not operating or you will get quite wet.

We will be really busy this week in preparation for the High Desert Home Show in Victorville at the fairgrounds. Thats this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Stop by and see me.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Busy Busy and Busy some more!

Ok. The last 30 days have been just filled with work. A lot of weed spraying work. I love helping people get a handle on their problems! The soil temperatures have risen enough to germinate lots of weeds with more to follow. Hard as I try to get people to plan ahead for the weeds, they mostly wait until they start to pop up. Human nature I guess! I shouldnt point fingers. I am a procrastinator toooooo.

Did I tell you I am now on the Board of Directors for the High Desert Contractor's association? The association is a group of licensed contractors, ya know.. electricians, painters, window people and such, from the valley that want to promote professionalism and ethical business pratices here in our little high desert valley. Our mission is to educate the contractors and consumers alike in fair and ethical business pratices so everyone can benefit.

Well, that happened in January and I got stu....uh er awarded the priveledge of writing the association newsletter. So 2 newsletters down and only 10 more to go for the year. That actually has been fun 'cause I get to do what I want because no one else is silly enough to complain or else they get the job. Although I do try to make it informative for all and I have actually had a few compliments.

Getting ready for the surge in business coming later this month when people realize spring has hit and they want to be a part of it. The Home Show will boost the mood and I'll be there to meet and greet and offer advice if you want to stop by. March 26th, 27th and 28th at the Victorville Fairgrounds. More on this later.