Thursday, December 10, 2009

California Dreamin (of Snow of course!)

Well, here in the usually sunny high desert, we finally got our first snow. A bit dissapointing with just an inch or two, not even picture worthy.

I remember the first year we moved here from "down below" in the greater LA basin where I lived most of my life and never saw it snow. Talking on the phone one day with my daughter in Boise shortly after we moved here, I peered out the window to see gigantic snow flakes coming down. They kept coming, and coming, and coming! It was fabulous! A warm fire in the fireplace and a winter wonderland all around. We got about 4-5 inches that first snow and I was hooked! So lovely, melted all away without a problem in a few days.

I came to long for the snow events. I was born in Iowa and snow is not so beloved by my family who lived their adulthoods there. As a landscaper, and a self-employed person who has to work every day want to or not, snow gives me an excuse written by Mother Nature herself! I get to take snow days and I'm not even in school.

Last year, pictured here was a different story for me. We got 2 feet of snow!! As you can see by the picture there was a lot of snow for southern California. We couldnt even get out the driveway for 5 days until a friend with a tractor came and scraped us out!
There was so much snow that our heater vent was covered and the heater wouldnt work so we (me) had to shovel our way to the firewood shed to keep us warm until enough snow melted to allow the heater to work again.
So I am looking forward to snow this year again, but I think I'll take the lighter kind somewhere inbetween a dusting and 2 feet!
I hope everyone has all their irrigation pipes insulated. Even with the insulation, we had a lot of broken pipes calls last year. We only had one client of ours that had a problem with their valve so that's a good sign.