Sunday, November 14, 2010

Living a life of Thankfulness

Have you every whined about something you lack and caught yourself short and asked "what am I saying?!  We all have so much to be greateful for but often do not take the time to give thanks for what we have, Instead, we gripe about what is missing.

I am reminded of an approaching Thanksgiving two years ago when we were blessed with a gift we never thought we'd have and every day in every way, I am ever so grateful for her.

If youd like to work on your better self, you have got to get this book, God Never Blinks: 50 Lessons for Life's Little Detours by Regina Brett. I just read it and have come away transformed. I will be sending out her lessons here and there for those who I think will enjoy them. Get it and read it and LIVE it

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Natural Healing Springs From the Landscape

Fall is a time of re-connecting with the earth and seeing a sense of balance come back to our lives.The landscape gets stripped down to the essentials while the plants prepare to sleep their renewing sleep. Digging in their roots a little deeper and farther, prepping for the coming year. The leaves drift downward and the wind swirls them into nooks and crannies here and there to decorate the winter with their subdued golds and reds. I love the colors of fall. So soothing.......If only the X#6@ leaves didn't fall into my pond and clog up the pump!!

I was hoping we wouldnt have to cover the pond this year, but after the nth time cleaning the skimmer net today, I gave in and covered the darn thing. Now we will look at the canvas tarp covering the pond for a few weeks. ugh. I keep thinking I will take that tree down and every year, I let it go. not to mention the leaves clog up the channels in the roof and we have to clean them out before ( and during ) every rain. Glad I have a good rain jacket! but on the plus side, it IS invigorating going from the freezing rain to the toasty fireplace-warmed family room. I think people pay good money at health spas to do that. Hmmm and I get it for free!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Gardening takes a toll on your feet

Whenever I am working out in the garden, I just go.  I dont think about me, I am busy pruning, weeding, planting or totally engrossed in what I am doing at the moment.  I sometimes loose track of time, I'm so involved in what I am doing. Its when I get home and I sit down to relax, I realize how much I hurt.

Part of it is that I'm not getting any younger and I am using all sorts of muscles lifting, bending, digging, etc. One thing I learned early on is to take care of my feet. If your feet hurt, you cant seem to dredge up enough enthusiasim to keep going or even get started for that reason.

One of the best things I do for my feet is to buy quality boots and terrific socks.  The socks I buy arent cheap, about $20 but they do wonders for my feet which means the difference between gettin the job done and having some life at then end of the job!