Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Confessions from the soul

Hi. My name is Cindy.      I'm a bookaholic.

I love every chrisp page as I turn each one. I linger over every book jacket. The typefaces and cover art thrill me.

I ve always known I've had a problem. Sometimes as a child, when reading, I would ignore all others around me. Even when they were offering food! It started with Nancy Drew... Just a little story now and then. Soon, I graduated to Where the Red Fern Grows  and then  To Kill a Mockinbird .

Now it is just Hard core. I sneak into the bathroom 6 times a day just to read a paragraph or two! People are thinking something is wrong with me. And they are right!

I knew I had a problem when I resorted to reading the book of the day at long stop lights while driving. I love everything about books. I cant decide if my favorite is Go Dog Go or the Girl with the Dragon Tatoo

Somebody please help me. Is there a cure for the love of libris? Do I want to be cured?


  1. You don't want to be cured, do you? This is one of the guilty pleasures in life that is actually good for you :-)

  2. If you're sick then I am too.. I confess I too love Nancy.Since I got my Kindle its been one book after another.right now I am reading a book recommended by a girlfriend, Leota's Francine Rivers..very moving.

  3. Hello Cindy,...I am also a book lover...I enjoy your blog...greetings from Indiana...