Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Has Edison Got a Secret Agenda?

Got our electric bill last friday.  I wasnt looking forward to the bill, because it has been so humid lately that we have been running the air conditioner in both the house and office. I was shocked when I saw the bill. It was at least half of last months bill!

Hmmm... the game is afoot!  I went out and read our meter and of course, the reading they billed for was off, by at least 1,000!! so I called up Edison and demanded they bill me more.

Crazy you ask? Not so much.  See with the tiered rates, If I waited until they catch up the bill next month, I will be paying for those units at a much higher rate. The lady at Edison said I was one in a million.

Talking with my neighbor, THEIR electric bill was lots cheaper too! Now either we have a really stupid meter reader, or... perhaps this is a plot by Edison to get more money for the same electricity?

I'm thinking it is a conspiracy. No meter reader can be that stupid to get the readings at two houses right next door to each other wrong on the same day.What do you think? Do you have a low electric bill lately

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